Qualities of Good Tinder Openers

So many guys don’t know where to start with starting a conversation on tinder and are clueless as to the qualities of good tinder openers that must be present to prevent them from coming across as boring, needy, pushy or just plain idiotic.

qualities of good tinder openers

You will find most tinder openers have all or most of the following qualities:

Qualities of Good Tinder Openers That Help Set You Up For Getting a Date

  • High response rate– obviously important but not necessarily the most important factor. You want to get that balance right between getting them to respond but without being some kind of reaction-seeking troll.
  • Offer value in some way without asking for anything in return –usually because they are funny. The most common way most guys take value rather than give it is by asking too many questions like it’s some job interview. Make statements not questions. For example, instead of asking “do you go to college here?” instead say “you look like a UCLA girl”.
  • Yield more invested responses than the level of investment of the message itself. Over the top compliments are ok so long as it’s obvious that they’re tongue and cheek. A good example of this is the opener “So I looked at your thing. You seem pretty good.” It’s very nonchalant but still conveys your intent.
  • Sets up a domino effect where all of the responses that you typically get are predictable and you can direct the conversation to a path that suits you from there. You want to direct the conversation to set up a meet. Once you have done this it will then become an afterthought that you exchange phone numbers. Most guys try and get the girls phone number without already setting up a meet. This comes across like you view the phone number as some kind of doggy treat or something and it’s lame. Always have a reason.
  • Screens the type of person that you’re looking for so you don’t waste time endlessly messaging someone only for it to fizzle out into no meetup. This is tinder, not pen-pal finder. You want the message to put off women that probably wouldn’t get along with you in person.

Examples of Tinder Openers That Have These Qualities

Click here for examples of our best tinder openers that that you can use on your matches straight away. It will be clear to you how these openers encompass the qualities of good tinder openers discussed here.

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