Examples Of Good Tinder Openers

There were many tinder openers that I was convinced were awesome only to find the data suggested otherwise when they were actually tested on large numbers of women. The icebreakers we have listed below are particularly good tinder openers because they consistently lead to the highest response rates, percentage phone numbers and meetups.

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Good Tinder Openers That Actually Work

These good tinder openers will get you enthusiastic responses that can easily be channeled into phone numbers and meetups:

The Brutally Honest Opener

“Ohai I feel you appear attractive and consequently would like to explore the possibility of enhancing your life by means of exposure to my awesomeness kthxbai.”

92% response rate.

This message is as close to perfect as you can get.

First off, it’s a form letter, but kind of designed to not actually look like a form letter with the ‘ohai’ and ‘kthxbai’ which are of course intentional misspellings. It’s usually best to avoid text-speak like this but in the context of the formal language used elsewhere it’s fine.

The secret to this opener’s success lies in it’s raw honesty and use of commentary to convey social intelligence.

The word ‘appear’ takes it away from just meaning her looks but to someone that is attractive in general. This shows that you realize that she might not actually be an attractive person despite looking good in her pictures, which conveys that you actually have standards besides looks.

This opener encompasses well all of the qualities of good tinder openers discussed elsewhere.

The Meta Opener

“*Insert witty opener here*”.

84% response rate.

I got this one from the Online Dating Bible by Patrick King (online dating equivalent of The Game by Neil Strauss)

It’s a good quick copy-paste type opener that works well.

The Push-Pull Opener

“You’re kinda cute. Dork ;P”

89% response rate.

Basic push-pull psychology seems to work very well on tinder in general.

Too much pull and you look too try hard, too much push and you look like an asshole who isn’t interested. Sporadically sprinkling in doses of each has the effect of being addictive.

It’s no different to when you watch a soap opera or a movie with alternating positive and emotional spikes, which has the effect of getting you invested in the story quickly. It starts to take on a greater meaning because it takes on a more tangible, visceral experience and you want more.

The contrasting nature of the emotions felt by the girl from reading the beginning to the end of this short opener leads to a pretty high likelihood of a response, albeit sometimes negative, but you can always channel that into something positive with your effortless charisma.

For most, the carefully selected damage-limiting emoticon is enough to disarm. Generally, this is a pretty lethal little opener if you can follow it up in a congruent manner.

The Creepy Opener That Actually Works

“I’m luring girls to my house with candy, which do you prefer skittles or m&ms?”

82% response rate.

So obviously creepy that it somehow ceases to be.

One caveat with this one…If you want to use this opener please make sure that you are the kind of guy who would actually say something like that in person, otherwise she’s in for a shock when she meets you.

And this goes for all openers and messages discussed here. Pick one that resonates with you and is congruent to your own personality.

The ‘Over The Top Compliment’ Opener

“You are like a baby polar bear sliding down a rainbow into a pot of gold.”

87% response rate.

While general compliments on their own are bad as they don’t set you apart from the countless other guys that are doing this, these types are good tinder openers as they are so over the top that it comes across as tongue and cheek and funny.

My Personal Best Tinder Opener

“So I looked at your thing. You seem pretty good.”

95% response rate.

I’m kind of sad to give this one away. This message doesn’t look anything special but actually has the highest response rate of all openers we have split tested. Let me explain why this opener is so awesome. There’s actually a lot of subtle layers at play here.

It’s complimentary whilst still exuding that ‘mehhhh’ vibe – kind of a shrug and a wink at the same time. It comes across as if very little effort has been put forth.

It’s not aggressive but the intent is clear.

Furthermore, the word ‘thing’ is pretty vague so makes her curious and so she starts investing a bit more to find out what you mean. Is it their profile in general? their pictures? Their private parts?

In fact you’ll find about 25% of the recipients will interpret ‘your thing’ as some vulgar double-entendre. In this case you get the conversation moving in a sexual direction whilst absolving you of the stigma of coming across as the pervert archetype we talked about when we discussed the 4 categories of bad openers.

The ‘you seem pretty good’ part isn’t exactly glowing praise but it isn’t negative either. It’s very ambiguous and it works like a charm.

I hope you enjoy using these openers as much as I have.

More Tinder Openers

For more great openers, definitely check out The Online Dating Bible (the online dating equivalent of The Game by Neil Strauss) and a must have for any man who uses online dating. It teaches you how to create alluring messages, and has some simple but very effective hacks for optimizing your profile so you get more matches.

Good tinder openers seductive pose img

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