Copy Paste Tinder Openers Vs Unique Openers

So which is the best way to start a conversation to get more responses and meetups, copy paste tinder openers or unique tinder openers taking into account the person’s profile?

In his New York Times bestselling book, Dataclysm: Love, Sex, Race, and Identity, Christian Rudder (Founder of OK Cupid) concludes that ‘a copy paste message is [from his data] 25% less effective than sending a unique message to every match on dating platforms.’

He does however acknowledge the fact that copy paste tinder openers are significantly more effective when you take into consideration the effort vs return put into them.

Copy paste tinder openersThere are also a variety of ways to make your copy paste tinder openers seem like they are actually unique.

For example, Rudder talks about a man who only messaged girls who smoked with the copy paste opener “I smoke too. I picked it up hiking last year. Have you seen that exhibit at the moma?”

He had several stock openers he would use for different types of girls. This way he gets the automation benefits of working with volume that you get with copy paste openers whilst still appearing to have spent time writing a unique message.

What to do if they call you out on using copy paste tinder openers?

In general: Agree, amplify and quickly change the subject. The same goes for any congruence test you might face.


Her: “Is that a copy paste line?”

You: “No… it’s actually a keyboard shortcut I use. It’s less work than copy paste lol. So anyway bla bla bla…”


Her: “How many girls have you sent that message to?”

You: “Countless. So anyway bla bla bla…”

I’d recommend looking into the statistician Christian Rudders NY Times best selling theories on what works in online dating who has some really insightful content. Here, he reveals the single highest performing camera model used for taking photos. This study involved looking at the camera models used in 552,000 pictures on the online dating site OK cupid.

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