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So you’ve carefully selected your best pictures, got your profile looking nice, swiped away and managed to get yourself some decent matches. The time has come to start message-trolling for digital love in the internet mists. All you need now is some good tinder openers to use on your matches to get the ball rolling.

This page will guide you on how to open a conversation on tinder in a way that maximizes your chances of a response. It will show you how to subtly convey qualities about yourself that will set you apart from the dick sea of generic nice but boring guys that are abundant on tinder.

We’ve compiled a nice list of good tinder openers that have been meticulously split-tested on the app so you don’t have to waste time testing your own ones yourselves. The openers here get results. Period.

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Mindset For Crafting Good Tinder Openers

First off, please bear in mind that when you’re online you should always be thinking carefully about what messages to send because you actually have the time to construct good messages.

As opposed to offline when the conversation is actually happening dynamically in front of you and you don’t have much time to react. In this medium you can carefully consider what, how and when you are going to message.

The most important thing is to have a very clear idea of what it is you are trying to sub-communicate to the person with every message. Whatever you send should accomplish this – this is especially true for your opener on tinder. Think about what your opener conveys about you as a person?

Most people know what they want to convey in words in their opener. But their actions end up making them appear boring, stupid, needy, judgmental, perverted or arrogant. For example, instead of saying you have a good sense of humor why not just actually be humorous in your messages.

Volume is a major consideration when using tinder if you want to get consistent results. A copy paste opener approach is the only tangible way to run real volume.

good tinder openers Many people advocate reading her profile and finding something unique in there that you can comment on to show her that you read it. In my opinion this can easily come across as trying too hard for rapport and somewhat transparent. And frankly, it’s a waste of time if you’re going to be hitting the volume you need to get decent results on this thing.

Even the most respected online statisticians in the field admit that copy paste openers are more effective than unique openers. Any benefit that may be garnered from sending a unique message to each girl based on her profile is certainly not enough to offset the benefits that come from running volume.

It’s no wonder men are quick to dismiss online dating as a way of meeting women because most guys aren’t running enough volume. Many instead adhere to these old, outdated sentimental ideas about how dating should work. They try to implement these ideas onto online dating, which is in of itself fundamentally different to ‘regular’ dating.

Put simply, if you aren’t running serious volume as a guy you have little to no chance of achieving consistent results.

There will be plenty of time to get to know her and develop a real connection later on down the road when you’ve actually met up. Then you can both afford to invest more in the interaction.

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